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Launched in May 2013, CHEI currently partners with 101 vocational schools and universities in 23 provinces and 125 hotels to deliver a portfolio of programs that help teachers gain industry knowledge, hands-on experiences in hospitality operations, advanced teaching resources and business community connections. Take a look at our CHEI infographic to learn about the impact of various CHEI programs.

"During my four months in Delaware, I was very lucky to get complete exposure to one of the leading hospitality programs…By the deep involvement with its teaching, research, and internship activities, I began to have a deeper understanding of the differences of hotel education in the U.S. and in China. The program emphasizing practical, international, and social responsible learning and working experiences will definitely benefit my program."

Dr. Peter Wang, Professor and Dean, Dalian University of Foreign Languages and International CHEI Fellow

"CHEI has grown so fast and its impact has been so profound, above and beyond my expectations. Teachers have gained operational skills and practical experiences that have enriched classroom teaching content and delivery. As a result, students have gained deeper understanding of the hospitality and tourism industry, expanded their professional outlook and learned networking and collaboration. CHEI has already become one of the key development platforms for schools, educators and students on hospitality and tourism across mainland China."

President Wang, Anhui Zhong-ao Institute of Technology

J.W. Marriott, Jr. and Dr. Peter Wang, International CHEI Fellow.

We have successfully piloted China Hospitality Education Initiative (CHEI) programs with 86 universities and vocational schools in China, offering each a portfolio of programs. Moving forward, we will continue to grow the number of schools where CHEI programs are offered. Teachers who have participated in CHEI programs are having a positive impact on preparing thousands of hospitality students for rewarding careers as they offer enhanced classroom instruction and expose them to industry-expert lectures and hotel field trip experiences.

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