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Case Studies

In 2017, CHEI created the Faculty Internship Case Study Collection to meet the needs of teachers from hospitality programs. We asked faculty interning in different hotels to draft case studies based on their hands-on experiences or best-practices learned in the five-star hotels. Along with the case studies, you will find teaching suggestions and teacher’s tips. Please feel free to download the following four categories of case studies to use in your teaching or share with your students. If you have other case studies to share, please email us at info@chei.org.


Please click here to download the whole set, or click each title to download the individual case studies.

(All Case Studies are in Chinese)

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WOW Service Cases  

Asking proactively to be efficient

Discussion: Ice Beer to Warm Beer

Reading: 4 F&B Service Cases

Reading: F&B case Personal Connections from the Ritz Carlton 

Reading: Qingdao Beer

Reading: Club Lounge Telephone Case

Reading: Wow story of the wife passed away

Reading: HSKP Creative Service (Tested)

Reading: HSKP Personalized Service

Reading: HSKP Sweet Service

Reading: HSKP Wow Story The Ritz Carlton

Reading: 2 Concierge Cases 

Reading: Concierge buying the Guangzhou Daily (Tested)

Reading: Concierge with guests from Thailand

Reading: Concierge solve the ATM problem

Reading: Birthday Surprise

Reading: Wedding Anniversary The Ritz Carlton


Problem Solving Cases                                                        

Find the mistake in the F&B service process

Problem Solving: Fight in the restaurant

Problem Solving: Lobby Bar Resercation Mistake

Problem Solving: Not buy one get one free

Problem Solving: Club Lounge not satisfied

Problem Solving: Club Lounge food poisoning

Problem Solving: Too cold in the meeting room

Problem Solving: Food delievery to the room

Problem Solving: Room Service not satisfied 1

Problem Solving: Room Service not satisfied 2 (Tested)

Problem Solving: Not satisfied with the Front Desk

Problem Solving: Concierge broke two bottles of wine

Problem Solving: Concierge buying pills

Problem Solving: Bad Steak

Problem Solving: Sending tea but the room is DND (Tested)

Problem Solving: Storage of the backdrop

Problem Solving: Laundry damage

Problem Solving: Laundry conflict

Problem Solving: Ball room LED broken

Problem Solving: Reserved Connecting Room not available

Problem Solving: Can't find reservation

Problem Solving: Find my son

Problem Solving: Huge Cake

Problem Solving: Selfie being stopped

Problem Solving: Want a humidifier

Management Analysis Cases

F&B Marketing: Lobby Bar Lunch Promotion

F&B Marketing: Western Restaurant Promotion

Hotel Strategy Management: Green Hotel and Seasonal Strategy

Hotel Career Path in Culinary Major

Hotel Career Path in HR

Simulation Business: Seasonal Dilemma (Tested)

Human Resources Management: Missing Train Ticket

Human Resources Management: Intern Development

Human Resources Management: Personel



Culture Language Cases

Hotel English and how to deal with guests from different countries

Hotel English Case