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CHEI Sponsor

CHEI is a project of The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation, a private family foundation established in 1965, with the purpose of giving back to the community.

CHEI Advisors

San Diego State University and Marriott International are CHEI's lead advisors.


Meet CHEI team members in China and United States.

What makes CHEI different?

CHEI is a charitable initiative with programs that are broadly distributed across mainland China. The initiative's focus is on universities and vocational schools and offering several programs to faculty members and students that expose them to real-life hospitality operations and experiences. CHEI develops unique and China-centric educational resources that focus on soft skills (e.g., critical thinking, problem solving and non-verbal communications) and conversational English.


To create world-class hospitality education that leads to life-changing careers for youth in China.


To prepare youth in China for rewarding careers in the hospitality industry by enhancing teaching resources, offering real-world operational experiences and engaging a community of inspired educators.


The CHEI logo was developed with input from Dr. Li-Rong Lilly Cheng, director of the Confucius Institute at San Diego State University. The red characters read Wan Li Hao Chengand represent the words for Marriott, Education, and Lifelong Journey. The characters are read in the following order: first character, third character, second character, and fourth character: Wan + Hao = 10,000 luxuriesand together form the word for Marriott in Chinese. Li = Confucius term meaning rules of proper behaviorand education or gift. Cheng = Lifelong journey. The characters at the bottom of the logo are a more literal translation about how the Marriott family is funding hospitality education as a charitable initiative to help the Chinese people. When used together in the logo, the Chinese and English phrases clearly identify CHEI, its funding by the Marriott Foundation, and the initiatives purpose.